An overwhelming number of unemployed millennials are actively not looking for work — help us find out why

Millennials are the catch-up generation.

While millennials have benefited from a 67% rise in wages since 1970, this increase hasn’t kept up with inflating living costs, according to research conducted by Student Loan Hero.

Coupled with the fallout from the Great Recession, which the oldest millennials bore the brunt of, and record levels of student loan debt, a national total of $1.5 trillion, millennials are facing the Great American Affordability Crisis.

They’re financially behind and struggling to save when plagued with rising costs for college tuition, housing, healthcare, and childcare.

But not all millennials are working. Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that an overwhelming number of American millennials aren’t employed and are actively not seeking work. We need your help in understanding why that is, and who these millennials are.

Are you a millennial not working and not seeking work? We want to talk to you. Please share your story with us in the survey below.

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Do you know of a millennial who isn’t working and is not seeking work? Or are you an economist or researcher with information to share? Please email

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